Sunday, May 11, 2014

Butterflies in Flight from Tsuken Jima Okinawa


One of the Benefits of Digital Photography



When rainy season starts giving me cabin fever, I go through old photo files.

With thousands of travel photos stored on external drives, I can always find something.

These butterfly photos gave me some inspiration today.

Paper Kite Butterfly,fluttering in blue skies, Tsuken Jima, Okinawa

Rice Paper or, Paper Kite Butterflies were flying overhead on Tsuken Island.

pair of butterflies, Rice Paper Butterfly, largest in Japan, in-flight

Every now and then, we get some beautiful weather during rainy season.

Idea leuconoe, Paper Kite Butterfly, in flight, blue skies

It was during the month of May, two years ago, when these photos were taken.

butterfly in flight,Tsuken Island, May 2012

 Butterflies, in flight, are a real challenge for the photographer.

It's a good thing I saved these photos.

They cheered me up and, reminded me, it's time to make some travel plans.

Tsuken Jima, butterfly in flight, blue skies

It's just a short ferry ride, to Tsuken Jima (island) and it's a nice one day trip.

It would be a good idea to start paying attention to the extended weather forecasts. 

Butterflies aren't the only things that come to the island on a nice sunny day.

Did you know, they have girls in bikinis sometimes, too ?

It's easier to photograph butterflies, though.

They don't require model releases.

If you plan on going there to shoot girls in bikinis, you better ask for permission.

Being sort of shy, I'd rather shoot wildlife.

But, I'll pack a few model release forms, just in case !

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Hello! I hope you don't mind that I used your butterfly photo as a reference in a drawing of mine.