Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Scenes of Kin Town's Okawa Spring After Dark

Red tiled roof over a spring under night lights

Tonight I took a camera stroll to shoot a few night photos.

Tiled roof over speing with small pine tree

This spring has been a subject of mine hundreds of times, in the past.

Close up of red tiled roof over spring and pine tree

 It was so much fun composing different photos, I almost forgot what I went there for.

View of Okawa Spring from right at night

There is a daylight scene similar to this, I want to duplicate, at night.

It might take me a few more attempts to get it right.

The original image, is in my Then and Now series.

Maybe, next time, I'll bring it along, to help me shoot from the correct angles.

Shisa, lion dog statues, holding a sign written in kanji

People going by, looked at me like I was some kind of crazy.

That's because they aren't used to seeing a old man with a camera, sitting down in the street.

They'll get to know me after awhile, though.

It will probably take all summer, for me to get his assignment done.

Because, shooting here at night is so much fun !

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