Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flower Photo: Deigo Okinawa's Prefectural Symbol

Flower, Deigo,Erythina orientalis,blooming,tree

Starting to Bloom Now in Okinawa



These bright red flowers have a history of avoiding my camera lens.

So far, I have never been able to catch them in full bloom.

It seems like every time I spot one flowering it's too early or, too late in the season.

Some folks use these to determine how strong of a typhoon season we will have.

If they bloom early in the year or, get humongous blossoms, standby.

That could mean the typhoons, will whack us severely.

The plant's scientific name is Erythrina orientalis.

The trees came from India, where they are known as Indian Coral.

Other names: Tiger's Claw and Sunshine Tree.

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