Saturday, May 17, 2014

Deigo Flower Photos and a Sweet Tune

bright red flower blossom, close up

The Deigo tree, at Ogimi, isn't quite in full bloom, yet.

Early yesterday afternoon, under some harsh sunlight, I couldn't resist taking these photos.

deigo flowers with hills in background

A wide angle view shows the surrounding hills in the background just off HWY 58.

  These flowers, are fairly delicate and may not last much longer.

The first, little typhoon, that comes along, will blow all the red petals away.

deigo flowers along a fence

 So, I hurried and snapped photos from every angle.

close up of deigo blossom with apartments in background

 Just in case, we don't get back up that way, in the near future.

The Deigo Flower Gets Mentioned in a Popular Song



 Shima Uta, was made popular by the band, The Boom and there are many recorded versions.

This gal, Natsukawa Rimi, does it the best.

If you would like an English translation, watch it on YouTube.

Press, SHOW MORE, under the video and, you've got it.

Listen to that girl sing the song and, play that sanshin.  She's amazing.

If they had a contest between her and the original artists, I'd bet on her !

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