Friday, May 2, 2014

Photo Tip: How to Create a GIF with Google+ Auto Awesome

It's a Simple Process and Free



Before getting started, there are a few things, you might want to try.

The Auto Awesomenator needs a good series of photos to work with.

Use a tripod or, be sure to steady the camera by some other means.

Five or more photos are needed to create the GIF.

Set your camera to burst or, continuous shooting mode and, fire away.

Identify and prepare the series of images and place them on your computer desktop.

Ten Easy Steps to Get a Motion GIF


1. Go to your Google+ Profile Page

screenshot,Google Profile,photos

2. Hover over the Profile Button (top left) and click PHOTOS

photo page,Google+ Profile,screenshot,instructions,how-to

3. On the Photo Page (upper right) click UPLOAD PHOTOS

upload photos,screenshot,how-to

4. Drag Photos Here or, Open Browser appears

photo uploading process,screenshot

5.  It's easy to drag the photos from your desktop and watch them upload

6. Once you're satisfied with the upload hit the SAVE Button

7. Google will tell you to Hang On a Second.  They are looking for people

8.  If any people are in your photos they will ask you who they are

9. That scares me so, I just hit the SKIP Button and take a break.
Go outside and have a smoke and coffee.
Sometimes, I wonder if a secret agent might be watching me.
Those precious moments are what you should save farts for.

10. Usually, after about ten minutes, you can go back to your Google+ Photos

Click ALL PHOTOS at the top of the page.

completing photo upload, screenshot

If you see a black stars symbol in the upper right of one of the photos, click on it.

Motion GIF photo created by Google+, Auto Awesome

Auto Awesome may have created a Motion GIF for you !

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