Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sneaking a Peek at Kin Dam in Okinawa, Japan

Kin Dam, Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan,early morning

It Disrupted the Wildlife in the Area for a Few Years 



Now, that it's completed, most of the construction equipment is gone.

The critters, that thrive in this kind of environment are returning, to an improved home.

The photo above, was taken at 6:33AM from the center of the Kin Bridge.

right side view, Kin Dam

By 9AM, I had taken a few 100 photos along the Okukubi River and visited the dam.

 The only lens, I brought along was a Sigma 50-500mm.

Another trip, will have to be made, with a wide angle lens so, you can see everything.

inside view, Kin Dam

With, that big lens, some climbing, to higher elevations, was required.

Okinawa Expressway from Kin Dam View Point

Getting high enough, to see the water on the other side of the expressway, was easy.

Kin Dam from View Point

They have a stairway, going up the the Dam Office, which sits on a hill.

Kin Bridge below Kin Dam

If that doesn't get you high enough, you can climb about 100 damn stairs.

And, go all the way to the rooftop View Point.

From there, if you have a wide angle lens, you could probably view the whole damn dam !

One of these days, we'll getterdun.

Kin Dam, also known as Okukubi Dam (福地ダム) is the first of this type in the world.

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