Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sometimes Construction Noises Ain't Such a Bad Thing

The Reason Behind Renting an Office



For me, it's the peace and quiet so, I can concentrate and get work done.

How people work at home, beats the devil out of me.

No distractions or interruptions is what I need.

construction equipment in front of buildings

And, it's nice, when I want a break, to unroll the sleeping bag.

The equipment, in front of my office, was he first hint.  There would be no napping today.

construction equipment at work, Motion GIF

After a late night of Ryukyu style partying, my head was hurting.

My first thought was to yell, "Hey. Have you guys ever tried to work with a hangover?"

But, you know how construction workers are.

They might have said, "Yeah. We do it every day. What's your problem?"

So, I asked if it would be alright to shoot some photos of them working, instead.

They all agreed. 

construction equipment at work, Motion GIF

This crew was good. They might be noisy but, they were friendly.

They work fast and efficiently.

A copy of their plans, will need some translation but, I like what I see.

It seems, the telephone poles and wires will disappear.

Then, all the wires will be placed underground.

Shade trees and shrubbery will line the highway, instead of guardrails.

It will be a cameraman's dream come true.

Maybe, I'll do a Then and Now on this street.

Just wait 'til we get some blue skies.

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