Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy International Museum Day !

This One Caught Me by Surprise



Around May 18th each year, the world celebrates Museum Day.

It has been going on since 1977 but, I just found out today.

art depicting early Okinawan cave dwelling

It reminded me, it's time to come out of the Stone Age and get busy.

The photo above was taken in the Motobu Municipal Museum.

It shows the typical, early Okinawan dwelling, located in a cave near the sea.

International Council of Museums (ICOM) Has a Mission



It is, to make the public aware of the role museums play in the development of society.

Some locations, around the globe, celebrate Museum Day for a whole week.

Museums in Okinawa



There are some unique treasures to be found in these places.

Most of them are staffed with knowledgeable and helpful people.

But, you'll need to speak Japanese or, bring your own translator.

Whenever the weather doesn't suit me (outside) these are some of the places, I enjoy.

This list is not all inclusive and, I probably still need to visit several other museums.

For directions to each location, I'll provide some links:

The original focus of this blog was to give viewers some scenes of Okinawa.

And, the followers have been predominantly an international audience.

Keeping things light and giving readers a chuckle was my intention.

Note, the posts do not give directions.

Lately, there have been many requests for locations from readers.

So, we may have to start making some local travel guides, in the future.

 If Bill Gates or, somebody sends along a million dollars, I'll get it done a lot quicker.

Other Breaking News

In the wee hours of the morning something crazy happened at a karaoke bar.

I was sitting on a tall bar stool, singing a song.

A crowd of Saturday night revelers, came through the door from outside.

There was this girl.

She was probably half my age and twice as drunk.

She hopped up on my right leg and started riding me and singing along.

Maybe, she thought, I was some kind of musical, stationary exercise bike.

Pretending she wasn't there, was the best thing to do.

Anyway, it got me thinking.

When my body quits working maybe, I could donate it to one of these museums.

They could stuff me for display.

The only thing is, I'd want to be standing up and, have a sign put on me.

Please Do Not Touch !

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