Thursday, May 29, 2014

In the Wild -- A Pair of Mating Ryukyu Damselflies (Photos)

Warning: Maybe the Younguns Shouldn't Look



The research was kind of difficult on these insects but, we gotterdun.

First, I'll introduce you to the single male.

That gives you time to send the kids outside or, to play with their game-thingies.


Damselfly male, Coeliccia ryukyuensis

Ryukyurimontonbo (リュウキュウルリモントンボ) is what he's called, in Japan.

Coeliccia ryukyuensis ryukyuensis would be the Latin name.

Okinawa Yanbaru Field Guide, helped me do the identification.


That is a good guidebook, with lots of photos but, no English.

So, I use several methods to do my search.

When, you type,
Ryukyurimontonbo (リュウキュウルリモントンボ) in an English search engine,  doesn't work.

So, I take the Japanese characters and put them in one of their search boxes.

Sometimes, I even use the Chinese sites.  Whatever it takes.

male damselfly, blue tip, Motion GIF

All kinds of ignorance, left my brain today.

That bug, up there, I thought he was trying to swat the fly. Wrong.

Are Those Children Gone Yet ?




What that rascal is doing, is getting ready for sex.


He probably doesn't even know the fly is there. Other things are on his mind.

male and female damselfly hooked together

 Off he went, to grab some female, by the back of her neck.

It's a good thing, I read all the resources about how these insects mate.

My excuse for going home late tonight, won't work, now.

There's no sense, telling the wife, I met a gal with a vagina on the back of her head.

That excuse won't work, anymore but, it might have, if it was true.

Male and female damselfly mating

An expert on the subject, would tell you, the male, is using that blue tip, to grab the gal.

In the first photo, he was probably, transferring stuff, from one penis to another.

The scientists say, when the female is ready, she gets in the position above.

She has to bring her Doohickey up to meet his, is what, I think they mean.

And, they call this, the wheel formation.

Well, in Okinawa, people consider that to be the shape of a heart not, a wheel.

It may not look like a heart, to you.

male and female damselfly in heart-shaped position


Not wanting to disturb them at such a tender moment, I waited until I got back here.


And, flipped the photo so,  you could view the heart shape.

Can you see it ?

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