Friday, May 30, 2014

These Photos Got Me Itchin' to Go Back Inside Shuri Castle

interior of Shuri Castle

UNESCO Shuri Castle Is the Most Popular Attraction in Okinawa



Something possessed me today, to look at some old photos, I shot back in 2008.

There was a folder from October with undeveloped RAW files so, I processed them.

Just looking at all the bright colors and that shiny gold got me thinking.

The last time, I went inside this room, was almost, six years ago.

Shuri Castle interior

It's not like I haven't been to Shuri Castle lately.

If somebody, was keeping score, I've probably been there more than a hundred times.

One year, I even bought a Shuri Castle Park Passport.

That was probably, the smartest thing, I ever did in that town.

It costs 800 Yen admission fee, to visit the castle one time.

If you buy a Passport, for 1600 Yen, you can visit as many times as you want, for a whole year.

red and gold, King's throne, Shuri Castle

They even allow people to go in there, wearing flip-flops.

Well, I think it's high time, I got back down there and, buy me a new passport.

Then, I'll make sure, I follow all the rules and, shoot some more of that gold.

Once upon a time, we got in a bind for not-following-the-rules.

That was the day, I took these pictures. And, I haven't been back in there, since.

Well I'm older and a little bit wiser, nowadays.

If that security guard hasn't already retired maybe, he won't recognize me, anymore.

A few more grey hairs and a bit longer beard, may fool him.

It would probably be a good idea to wear blue, instead of yellow flip-flops, too.

That does it. I'm going back inside Shuri Castle.  Sounds like a plan.

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