Monday, May 5, 2014

Insect Photos: Pellucid Hawk Moth Not A Hummingbird !

These Things Can Fool You



Without sharp eyesight they might be mistaken for hummingbirds.

They could look like large bees, too.

But, have no stingers.  They are moths and won't bite you.

Instead of a stinger, it has a feather-duster of a tail.

And, that's good for spreading pollen from flower to flower.

So, people shouldn't go around killing these creatures.

They buzz around just like hummingbirds and eat the same nectar.

If they didn't have six legs and antennae, they'd look almost like a hummingbird.

Hummingbird Moths, are closely related to these insects.

 The Pellucid Hawk Moth has clear wings.

In Japan, they are called Oosukashiba (オオスカシバ).

 The Latin name is, Cephonodes hylas, for this species.

Having spent half the day getting a solid ID on this character, I give you some links.

That way, if you spot something like this in your garden, you'll know what it is.

This one, I'm calling a Ryukyu Oosukashiba (オオスカシバ) because I have proof...

from  the Okinawa Yanbaru Wildlife Field Guide ISBN978-4-408-32351-0

Those scientists should put RYUKYU in the name for ryukyuan stuff !


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