Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This Sweetheart of the Month Could Be Lady of the Year

She Knows the Secret to Longevity



Going through the photo files today, I decided to try something different.

Not being a portrait photographer, I take lots of photos, when I do this sort of thing.

Then, select the best one for printing and, throw the rest away.

 But, I happen to like this gal's smile so, I experimented.

A smiling Mrs. Uto Yohena in 4 frames

The Auto Awesome rules say, you have to upload 5 or more similar photos.

So, I gave them six and, waited, to see what would happen.

That Auto Awesomenator Dude must like her smiles just as much as I do.

97 year old Mrs. Uto Yohena, smiles and peace signs

That's where today's images were created.

Researchers Spent Years Studying Okinawan Longevity



Some Doctors from Canada even wrote a book about the Okinawan diet.

It's around here, somewhere.

There isn't enough time in the day for me to be cooking.

So, I quit reading the book.

But, I do remember, they said lots of things about diet.

And, the climate, exercise, lifestyle and social networks.

Social networks, back in those days, didn't mean Facebook and Twitter.

They weren't invented, yet.

They were talking about real people, with hands, legs and, faces, who talk to each other.

You know, without one of them little computer things held next to their ear.

Real people who talk to you and smile with the lips on their face.

The Secret to Longevity in Okinawa



It might have something to do with, living a long time.

If you get a chance, go visit Yohena's Hydrangea Garden in Motobu, Okinawa.

Don't be bothering my sweetheart with questions about the big secret.

That's because, if she were to tell you, it wouldn't be a secret, anymore !

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