Friday, July 25, 2014

A Sailing Sabani Boat Dog Presented in Motion GIFs

dog, sanani boat, lifejacket,straw hat, GIF

When I first met this gal, she wasn't too fond of me.

Her owner, Takashi, calls her his daughter, Maruko and takes good care of her.

If you haven't already noticed, she's wearing a lifejacket.

The dog can probably swim OK but,  it's a good idea to keep her floating high in the water.

That way, if a sabani boat capsizes, at sea, maybe, the straw hat will stay dry.

motion GIF, dog, looking left and right

Maruchan and I spent a whole weekend, riding boats together, back in June.

Whenever the sabani boats were practicing or, racing, she rode along with me.

We were on a fishing vessel escorting the boats during the races.

While I was shooting the cameras, she would be at my feet.

The dog figured out, my sense of hearing, isn't that great, I guess.

We became friends.

And, when I try to take her picture now, look what she does.

She keeps looking around, to make sure nobody is sneaking up behind me !

Is that a cool dog or, what ?

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