Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kin Town Matsuri (Festival) 3 Sumo Motion GIFs

Okinawan Sumo Wrestling



It's a bit different than the sumo you see in the rest of Japan.

There's no need to overeat and grow a big pot belly.

motion GIF, children sume wrestlers

Young school children can do it as well as adults.

Many times Okinawan sumo may be seen at summer festivals.

boys, sumo wrestling,GIF

The action, is pretty fast-paced but, nobody really gets hurt.

It's sort of a speed, strength and agility challenge between two guys.

Except for going barefoot, they get to keep all their clothes on.

girls sume wrestle,GIF

That means, girls can do Okinawan sumo, too.

Watching these kids sumo wrestle is more fun than fireworks, I think.

But, I have to get back out there with the cameras recharged and lenses dusted off.

Maybe, tomorrow, I'll have some night festival stuff to show you.

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