Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tanabata Party or Typhoon Party -- Which Will It Be ?

Little Typhoon Neoguri



There's a storm brewing out there in the west Pacific.

Some sources, say Okinawa may get whacked.

Nighttime Tanabata Celebration

It is also, Tanabata Festival time.

The seventh day of the seventh month is when the stars line up a certain way.

Tanabata or, the Star Festival is popular throughout Asia.

The Milky Way separates two stars, who happen to be lovers.

And, they only get a chance to come together, at this time of the year.

Tanabata decorations

In the past, I have visited Tanabata Festivals day and night to take photos.

The decorations are wishes for good fortune and happiness.

Fumiko Nakamoto, RyukyuMike

This sweetheart from Nanjo City used to decorate her property for Tanabata.

We stopped by last week to see how she was doing.

All the decorations were gone. But, she gave us a map to where she donated them.

They are down in Urasoe City, somewhere.

The map showed the location and pointed out No Parking, available.

So, that's my excuse to not, go to the city. Hah !

Fumiko Nakamoto, happens to be more important, to me, than all those decorations.

It was good to see her, alive and well. She remembers me and, she has free parking, too.

What a darling. 

Tanabata in Northern Okinawa

Up in the Kunagimi territory, we do things a bit differently.

We may not have all the fancy trimmings city folks have but, we still celebrate.

Tonight, I will be heading out to a Tanabata event.

children at festival

Finding one of my favorite subjects at night, is always a challenge.

There's no way to capture these rascals motionless, without using a flash.


 When you yell, "Get up against the wall" they act a little nervous.

girl, Tanabata, kimo

Then, when you say, "Spread your wings wide, like a little angel" the smile, goes away.

This is a technique, I need to work on. Huh ?

 Tanabata Festival on the Weekend


They couldn't have planned this one better, as far as I'm concerned.

Going to Ginoza Village with the cameras, tonight will be a pleasure.

Not sure if the event is inside a building or, outdoors, I'll carry a flash.

And, when I'm done shooting, it'll be Tanabata Partytime.

Keep an eye on this typhoon.

We may just have to schedule a Typhoon Party, too !

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