Saturday, July 12, 2014

The July 2014 Full Moon Is Being Called a Supermoon !

First a Motion Gif



The moon peeked out from behind the clouds briefly last night.

Just when, I was ready to leave the office, I spotted it.

So, I ran back inside and grabbed the Pentax K3, Sigma 50-500mm lens and a tripod.

Sitting on the front steps, here's what I saw.

motion GIF, full moon

The photos, used to create this GIF, are un-cropped.

That's the size of the moon, I see, looking through my camera's viewfinder.

Normally, I wouldn't save photos with clouds blowing by the moon.

What I was doing, is playing around with the exposure settings.

That way, if and when, the clouds blew away, I'd be ready.

Close-up, supermoon

Ready, to shoot that sucker, when in was in the clear !

Moon Stuff Is a Bit Confusing



The whole Full Moon schedule, fools me.

After shooting 25 photos of the moon last night, I posted on on my Facebook Page.

And, I told everyone, to standby, because I thought the full moon was coming tonight.

Then, I left my office for the second time and went to a watering hole.

This gal, I call, Eri My Love So Sweet, was there.

When I told her, this month's full moon is on the 12th of July, she said, "Uh-uh."

According to the Lunar Calendar, it's on the 15th day of the sixth month.

We got a Chinese Calendar and, checked.

Sonovagun, if the full moon wasn't July 11, 2014, which happened to be, last night !

So, I'm calling this, the July 2014 Full Moon.

One thing, you don't want to do, is start an argument with those Chinese guys.

They practically live next door to Okinawa.

And, there are gazillions of them who may be looking for a fight. 

For the Rest of the World's Moon Gazers 

Go ahead and call the 12th of July 2014 Your Full Moon Night.

The Thunder Moon, Hay Moon and Full Buck Moon are names you could also, use.

They say, it is one of three supermoons appearing during 2014.

That, is according to the Earthsky Org. 

If, you like dingbat sort of stuff, Mystic Mama will teach you about the July 2014 full moon. 

And, over at Moon Giant, you can see the full moon dates, all the way through 2016.

Grab yourself a camera or, a lover and, check it out tonight.

Staying in line with the Confucius way of thinking, I already gotterdun !

Other Breaking News

MikesRyukyuGallery is going through a name change.

Nothing is going away, just some minor changes.

It may take a while for everything to kick in but, hang in there with me.

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