Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Photos of Activities in Okinawa Way After Sunset


Great Ways to Beat the Summer Heat



Some people go to the beach when the thermometer rises.

Others, just find an air-conditioned place to hangout or, go shopping in a mall.

paper lanterns,night  
What we do in our daily travels, is look for indicators like these paper lanterns.

Festivals, in many small villages, aren't listed in local travel guides.

If you spot paper lanterns in daylight, something will be happening after dark.

And, many times, they string them up, days before the event will take place.

The car, comes to a screeching halt when we find these things in daylight.

And, go poking around, asking the locals, what's going on and, when.

Okinawan sumo wrestlers

 That's how to find unadvertised things, like this Okinawan Sumo Wrestling.

It took place, after a tug-o-war, held in the evening.

night, ladies, summer kimonos, fire

Gals, in summer kimonos, danced around a fire on a summer night.

Talking to folks in the village office, way in advance, got us an invite to this event.

 It was the Shinugu Matsuri in a village called, Ada.


An event, called a Shinigu, in Gushiken, Motobu, took place during daylight.

 But, the gals, insisted on having me stick around for the party afterwards.

Right after taking the above photo, I locked-up the cameras. So, no photos after that.

We filled a couple of taxi cabs and, went to some cool bars.

Yellow flip-flops. What a buncha gals.

women dancing, kimonos,paper lanterns, Orion Beer

Driving the lesser known roads, above Nago City, we saw the Orion Beer lanterns.

It was during daylight hours and the event took place the next night.

If we hadn't asked at a little mom and pop store, we would have missed this one. 


 The performers, you see here, danced after a tug-o-war on Hamahiga island.

That's another festivity we wouldn't have known about.

Visiting the village offices really pays dividends.

This event takes place, again, next weekend.

Eisa dancers,drums

  Okinawa's Obon, happens next month.

But, if you listen carefully, the drums are beating, at practice, all around the islands.

band, Live House

Live Houses are always air-conditioned.

Just when you think Monday night is a good time to rest up, along comes Ridea.

She's coming back from a tour in Tokyo and, I have to see her.

This coming Monday night.

sanshin,singer,Live House,Okinawa City

Once things get caught up around here, I have to get a driver.

Down in Okinawa City, there are lots of cool places to hangout at night.

And, the mineo (traditional Okinawan) music, this guy plays, is even cooler.

Why Don't Travel Agents Advertise these Places ?



Maybe, there is a good reason to, not promote the lesser known events.

If all the tourists, started showing up, it would get too crowded.

And, people in the travel and tourism business, wouldn't have a place to chill !

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