Thursday, July 3, 2014

Viewing the Kin Bridge in Okinawa with a Wide Angle Lens

Which Photo Do You Like Best ?


The skies off to the east were looking good today.

A little after 3PM, I decided to take a camera, tripod and a few lenses for a hike.

Kin Bridge in Okinawa

It was hot and steamy, walking there and I was tempted to hail a taxi.

But, besides being a cheapskate, the exercise would do me good.

Five bucks was saved by walking on the shady side of the street.

Kin Bridge, wide angle

Late afternoon is the best time to catch the scene in good light.

But, I didn't want to get there too late.

Kin Bridge,blue skies,white clouds

Once, rush hour traffic begins, plenty of traffic crosses the bridge.

Kin Bridge, Okukubi River

Chrome and glass, from vehicles crossing the bridge, causes glare.

Even, from way back where my camera is positioned.

Okukubi River,Kin Bridge, Tiled roof building

Using different focal lengths, from 10-20mm, I moved up and down the Okukubi River.

Wide angle view, Kin Bridge

Construction work is being done along the river.

So, I tried to move around and keep earth moving equipment out of the scene.

River flowing under Kin Bridge at low tide

The next time, I see blue skies like this, I'll check the tide schedule.

The scene would be much prettier, during high tide.

Bridge, river during low tide

The only other way to make this a postcard perfect picture would be ask for help.

Those guys working the Kin Dam, could open the flood gates for me.

That would fill the river banks up, I bet !

Out of these 8 photos, which angle of the bridge do you like best ?

Let me know and, when the river and light suit me, I go back and getterdun for you.

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