Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Here's Proof -- This Stuff Wasn't Just a Dream

Live House Dream, Kin Town, Okinawa

It all started with an invitation to see this live band from Tokyo.

Most people, don't go out on Monday night but, yesterday was special.

It was Umi no Hi, a national holiday, in Japan.

stage, Live House, Dream, Kin Town, Okinawa
The weekend, had me busy with photography, past midnight the last few days.

A gal named, Aki would be performing on stage.

If she wasn't such a darling, I would have stayed home last night.

She keeps flying to Tokyo, to sing and, we hardly get to see her anymore.

When she told me the door would be open at 7:30, I showed up at 7PM.

That gave me a chance to check the place out, before the crowds arrived.

band performing on stage

The bar only seats about 65 people.

crowded Live House, dancer

But, Aki is so popular 90-100 guests usually show up to see her.

And, when some fans, start dancing in front of the stage, she cracks up.

singer performing, Ridea

She is one heck of a talented young lady.

singer, keyboard, live band

Trying to catch her eyes, while peeking through a camera view finder is hard work.

singer and keyboard performer

So, plenty of extra shots are taken, to make sure, I get it right.

guy and gal, keyboards

Aki, gets hopping around on the keyboard, too.

live performance
It would probably be a good idea, to take 100 shots just to capture a dozen good ones.

singer, dancer, keyboard, Motion GIF

While she was up there wiggling around, I noticed something.

The poor girl is running around with holes in her jeans.

girl with diamond in nose

But, she has a diamond, stuck on her nose so, I guess she's doing alright !

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