Sunday, July 27, 2014

10 Fireworks Photos from the Kin Town Matsuri

fireworks, blue

In no particular order, except the way they came out of the camera, here they are.

Fireworks, blue, gold

In Japan, fireworks are called Hanabi.

green, fireworks

The translation, roughly means, fire flower.

pink, yellow,green,fireworks

Some gal and her daughter were looking at my cameras last night.

The mother, wanted to see photos with the stem of the flower showing.

pink fireworks

Well, I always try to capture images like this, with no trailing fire.

The photos with stems, hanging off them, I throw away.

pink fireworks

What a knucklehead, huh ?

purple, gold, fireworks

Fireworks that look symmetrical, go places in contests.

Fireworks, Japan

But, they really don't look like flowers, to me.

gold, flower-shaped, fireworks

Maybe, I should practice, stretching the imagination.

And, start calling shots like this, flowers or, trees.

fireworks, looks like a flower
By golly, some of these things, look sort of like flowers, now.

Don't you think ?


Betty Boop said...

Yes, it's about time to fertilize that imagination. . . The shots are all gorgeous, although I loved the gold one, at least I think it was the color.. I did not care all that much for the tree like effect, to tell you the truth...But, who am I to judge...??? Love your tale once again, Mike...(sometimes, almost the best part..) Whoops, I better go into hiding now... ♥♥

RyukyuMike said...

Betty Boop,
Why thank you. Fertilize the imagination. That's what, I could tell the missus I was doing, next time I come home late with hiccups !