Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A GIF From the Neighboor's Garden I Was Snooping Around In

insect,Leaf Hopper,Motion GIF

They Are Getting Used to Me



The landlord and the next door neighbors, is what I'm talking about.

Maybe, the bugs and other critters, too.

It was one of those days when nobody goes out with cameras; cloudy and windy.

So, I stayed around here and did office stuff, Groan.

That put me in a not so good writing mood. It makes my brain hurt.

For awhile, I was wondering, what the heck is there to write about today.

 Bugs came along and fixed everything for me.

The Garden Isn't Very Big

An 8x12 carpet could cover the whole thing.

The landlord came by to get in his car and a had  puzzled look on his face.

He saw me with a tripod and 50-500mm lens stretched out, sitting on the ground.

He sort of shook his head and, drove away.

Maybe, I'll catch him tomorrow and show him some of the 150 shots, I took.

Big Bertha (Sigma 50-500) was put away when I shot this Leaf Hopper.

For the GIF Motion photo, I was using a 50mm prime lens.

There was another, much larger, one of these insects, I was shooting, too.

When I went in to change lenses, it vanished.

Those photos are waiting processing.

If I have a nice sharp one, I'll print it for the lady next door.

For such a small garden, she sure has lots of stuff, growing in there.

About a dozen different types of vegetables and herbs, I'd say.

The Leaf Hoppers, didn't seem to be eating her Shiso plants.

Maybe, they eat some sort of parasites and help the Shiso along. Who knows ?

The gal was telling me one day, about the Green and Red Shiso plants she has.

I told her, "I know all about them."  Your plants are on my blog !

So, it might be nice, if I gave her a photo of some sort.

Tomorrow may turn out to be a nice sunny day and, we may hop over to another island.

It all depends on whether, I can get one of my infidel friends, to do the driving.

Er, else, I'll be stuck poking around in the garden, again.

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