Friday, July 11, 2014

Holy Shakuyakukanzoto! Hachiko's Gone!

lion statue

There Was a Dog Statue Here



The early morning walk, across the Kin Bridge, was for a reason.

In 2011, a photo was taken at this location late in the afternoon.

In my blog post, I mentioned, it would be best to take a photo of it, in morning light.

Thousands of dog lovers, read that blog.

Hopefully, somebody took my advice and, snapped a shot of Hachiko before it was too late.

Somebody must have came along and bought the dog statue.

And, they decided to replace it with a lion.

It was too early in the morning to ask where the dog statue went. Nobody was there.

One of these days, I'll have to go ask.

That dog statue must have weighed a ton and, I bet it cost someone a ton of money.

They couldn't have carried it too far away.

I'll find out where it went.




That's a new word in the ever-expanding vocabulary.

Don't worry, it's not a cuss word; you can use it around the children.

It happens to be, one of the medicines that got prescribed, to me.

Curious by nature, I researched them all.

The other three, you might call, traditional Western medicines or, drugs.

This stuff is a little different.

It's Chinese herbal medicine, manufactured in Japan.

All my other medicines, come as pills.

Shakuyakukanzoto, is like grains of dirt, in little aluminum pouches.

You rip open the bag and dump it down your throat.

It's sort of like swallowing a mixture of sand and brown sugar.

So, it's a good idea, to have an open bottle of water, standing close by.

Some folks, mix it with tea or, juice.

Kinda whimpy. Don't you think ?

Dosages and Precautions



Doctors, medical personnel, drugs and (recently) massage therapists, I don't fool around with.

Sometimes, you can't fix yourself and, have to go get help.

That's a last resort type of thing for me.

When, I turn myself in, they have to get the benefit of my doubt.

Then, I turn around and check them out. So far, the people are good.

Drugs ?  Eeeh, maybe.

There are warnings about this herbal medicine but, I like it the best.

It shouldn't be taken along with other medicines, without consulting a medical professional.

Got that covered.

Adverse reactions. None yet and I'm being monitored, whenever I feel like.

Use in Elderly Caution:

Shoot. Okinawans live to be 100. I'm just getting to be middle aged.


This deserves a quote, directly from the manufacturer, Tsumura Company:

"Administration of Shakuyakukanzoto in the duodenum suppressed tetanic contraction of
gastrocnemius induced by frequent stimulation of isolated tibial nerve in cramp model rats."

Whatever the hell that means, I ain't worried because, I'm not a rat !

More about Shakuyakykanzoto

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