Monday, July 14, 2014

Okukuubi River Rocks and Red Dragonfly in a Motion GIF

Crimson Marsh Glider, GIF, Dragonfly, river,rocks

Early morning on July, 3, 2014, I had a plan.

Up at 4:30AM, I walked the dogs before sunrise and was on the road with a camera by six.

The idea, was to get some wide angle photos of the Kin Bridge and Dam in early sunlight.

All that was done by eight o'clock and it was time to goof off, after that.

Off came the wide angle lens and the Sigma 50-500mm, replaced it.

This Crimson Marsh Glider kept landing on the same rock.

So, I locked the camera in position on the tripod.

And, fired away, to get you this GIF.

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