Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crappy Bird Image May Be Worth Thousands of Dollars

The Best Things on the Internet Ain't Free



They have lots of freebies on that WWW-Thingy but, not all photos are that way.

For example, none of the photos, I post online are free.

This pigeon photo is worthless and, I wasn't planning on selling it.

But, if I put it on the internet, somebody might take it.

If they take it without my consent we could have a big party, thanks to DMCA.

That's the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

After the party, I'd sober up and probably order some more cameras and lenses.

To Fully Understand You Have to See This


It had to be the most enjoyable blog, I've read so far, this year.

What a gal. She had to get a lawyer because somebody snitched a photo.

She got a great discussion going in the comments.

Over an hour, I spent, reading everything.

Entertaining and lively, it was.

She even calls the attorney names.

Me too, I think lawyers are a bunch of leeches.

But, I wouldn't put that in writing.


The Moral of the Story

Don't steal photos from photographers who post them online.

Even if you think it's not worth a dime.

A crappy bird picture may cost you a few thousand bucks.

If somebody asks me nicely, I could give this one away for free !

Best to put it all in writing, nice and legal-like.

They have these things called laws.

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