Friday, April 11, 2014

Okinawa's Iris Fields Are in Full Bloom Right Now !

Some Photos and a Few Tricks



The other day, I saw it on the morning news.

Big, bright green stems with purple, yellow and white flowers, dancing in the wind.

But, I'm a warm weather type of person so, I waited for today.

wide angle view,Iris fields in blossom between two hills on sunny day

 It's nice to have some blue sky in your photo.

To get up high enough for this shot, I brought along a two-step ladder.

iris field in blossom

For those who don't appreciate blue skies, I aimed lower.

iris flowers,purple blossoms on long green stems

The petals on lots of flowers, are starting to wilt.

flowers, iris field close-up

So, it's a good idea, to move around and pick on ones you like.


Sometimes, you can find a young rascal, away from the crowd.


Just focus on the one you like best and, wait for it to quit moving.


When you get home, crop the photo any way you like.

Iris, wide-angle view.mountains in background

For this photo, I got down low on the ground.

single Iris flower,black background

Experimenting with a black and white board for background, was fun.

The black turned out to be my favorite.

So, I threw the white one away.  Hah !

Iris bloom up-close

It was a nice sunny day and I had some fun.

If you are already in Okinawa, you best get up to Ogimi this weekend.

It looks like these beauties will be done blooming in the near future.

This will be the final Iris Report for 2014 from this desk.

But, standby for plenty more flower festivals, in the coming weeks and months.


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