Thursday, April 24, 2014

Travel Photo: Hajiusui (恥うすい坂) the Stone of Shame in Nago

Tragedy in the Mountains



This stone is a monument to a story Shakespeare could have written.

Two young lovers, ended their lives in this area.

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It's another one of those tales about a girl who is in love.

And, she catches her guy, with another woman.

So, she goes up the trail and kills herself.

He went up and did the same thing.

Now I'm Hearing They Were Found Naked



They probably would have gotten this rock carving, anyhow.

So, I'm wondering.  What possessed them to take their clothes off ?

The inscription on the stone warns travelers.  Be careful, going up that trail.

Something told me, "Don't go in there."

So, I stayed on the road and shot butterflies, instead.

Nago City Website Convinced Me 

If you go up that trail, you better sprinkle the path with leaves.

Because, if you don't, you will be misled by some evil spirits !

Use your Google Translate on the Nago Website

Directions and more at Map It Okinawa 

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