Monday, April 7, 2014

Plant Photo: Mugwort -- Wormwood -- Dream Sage

Fuuchi-baa in Okinawa



The herb, grows wild, in this part of the world.

The Japanese call it Yomogi (ヨモギ) and its Latin name is Artemisia princeps.

The wife found some, in the wild, one day and, had to take it home.

It doesn't look like anything special, to me.

If someone asked me what it smells like, I'd probably say, "turpentine."

Mrs. RyukyuMike has rescued some and planted it in her garden.  Now I know what it's used for.

She makes Fuchi-baa juushii out of it.

Using leftover rice and, other stuff she, cooks up this mush. Porridge, maybe ?

Anyway, whatever it is, the stuff cures hangovers.  I have proof.

Many Different Varieties Exist Around the Globe



For each type of plant in the Artemisia Family, you'll probably find a medicinal use.

Remember, I'm not exactly a doctor or, anything like that when you read this stuff.

My research led me to the following:

There, I learned about the Chinese way of burning this stuff in a practice called, 


They just tell you the plant is used as a medicine.

Talks about the benefits and uses for treating tumors and asthma.

They say it can be used as a tonic for boosting energy and treatment for medical problems.

Guys, get this.  They say if you stuff your girlfriend's pillow with this stuff.....

.....maybe, she'll dream about you !

The Most Interesting Read 

Dudes and Dudettes,  Did you know there was a Witichipedia out there ? 

They have more mystical and magical uses for this stuff than anybody else in the world.

They even call it Sailor's Tobacco.

 Remember, you don't have to believe everything you read.


For now, I'll just stick with the wife's hangover cure.

She couldn't be a witch.  Could she ?

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