Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wildlife Photo: Glossy Ibis in Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

bird, migratory,Glossy Ibis,Okinawa,Japan

Good Fortune Helped Capture These Bird Photos Today



Yesterday, I got a message, telling me they were here.

Searching "Ibis" gave me some visual clue, as to what I'd be looking for.

The first Ibis photo that popped-up, sent me on my way with the camera.

After a few hours of circling the wetlands, I was about to give up.

It's a good thing, Shawn Miller came along  with his truck.

He knew right where they were feeding.

And, had a good chuckle, when I told him I was looking for white birds !

These characters are multicolored.

So, guaranteed, I'll be going back to shoot them, on the next sunny day.

Plegadis faicinellus is their scientific name.

Learn more about these birds at ARKive and

Checkout Shawn Miller's Okinawa Nature Photography

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