Thursday, April 10, 2014

Naomasa Takazato and These Birds Made My Day (Photo Essay)


Along the Okukubi River in Kin Town



Late this morning, I decided to take a hike with a camera and tripod.

It's been quite awhile since the mangrove forest got my attention.

Okukubi River, wide angle view

The river, stretches from the ocean, up under the Kin Bridge, to the dam on a hill.

The tide was out so, no tourists were kayaking through the mangroves.

Naomasa removing trash from riverbed

Somebody was picking up stray fishing gear and trash, across the river from my position.

Later, I would find out, it was Naomasa.

I thanked him, for making this one of my favorite nature spots in Okinawa.

bird,Little Heron, catching fish in river

Further, up the river, this Little Heron was having a feast.

birds, Egrets search river for food

Some egrets, entertained me, for awhile.

Little Heron walking in search of food

But, that little Striated Heron, was the most fun to watch.

Striated Heron catching fish in riverbed

Did You Know There Are Piles of Garbage Floating in the Ocean ?



One pile of floating trash is the size of the state of Texas.

Everybody needs to start doing like Naomasa Takazato.

Pick the stuff up, before it goes in the ocean.

And, take it to the dump or landfill.

The birds and fish don't want it.


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