Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Cosmos to Look at on Rainy Days and a Dang Cocoon


Will the April Showers Ever End ?


Somebody needs to tell the rainmaker, we've had enough.

This photo was taken back in March.

We really don't need any more April showers to bring on the May flowers.

Flowers, bloom year round in Okinawa, Japan.

Sunshine, is what's needed.

Being Cooped Up on Rainy Days Can Make You Go Buggy


As a matter of fact, I'm babysitting a bug, right now.

It's some sort of cocoon, I found crawling around so, I captured it.

Instead of me getting all bloody, crawling after it, I put it in a clear cup.

That way, if it ever decides to come out, I can shoot it with my camera.

Experience Has Taught Me


Chasing little insects with a DSLR can ruin your day.

In the past, I have shredded my jeans, bloodied my elbows and knees and destroyed my office.

It happened because, I wanted to know what that thing, in a cocoon was.

We bought a special bug cage for it.

And, it died before I could ever figure out what it was.

Now, I wish I wouldn't have threw that stupid bug cage away.

Bug Experts Advised Me


Keep the thing alive until it matures.  Then, you'll be able to identify it.

So, that's the plan, this time around.

The little rascal gets around.  It escaped once.  And, I found it crawling on my ladder.

Now, it's in a pudding cup with another pudding cup taped above it.

As long as it isn't allergic to Scotch Tape, we'll be in business.

But, if the sun comes out this week, I'm outta here.

The cocoon and pudding cups, I'd give away for free.

This rainy weather make me crazy !

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