Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just Call This Striated Heron the Bird of the Week

funny bird photo,posing,awkard,Striated Heron

It Made Some Awkward Poses



The Little Heron was comical at times but, it was an interesting bird to watch.

bird,heron,interesting to watch

Hopefully, when they finish building the Kin Dam, we'll see more of them.

bird walking,motion GIF
These birds, are nowhere near, as large as a Grey Heron.

But, they have some colorful markings.

Striated Heron walking,motion GIF

The heron was scouting out the Okukubi River, close to the new dam.

heron stalking fish

They like to eat fish and even call out to them.

 Sometimes, they aren't so lucky at catching anything but, that happens to people, too.

Striated Heron catching fish

 Once, the little rascal got more than it could handle so, it let one get away.

Did that ever happen to you, when you went fishing ?

Me neither.  I eat, mostly hamburgers.  Hah !

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