Sunday, April 20, 2014

Golden Trumpet Trees Blooming in Okinawa and Some Bark

Ever Wonder What Those Bright Yellow Flowers Are ?



In this part of the world, we just call them Ipe.

The common name would be Golden Trumpet, for the trees and flowers.

Scientists, seem to disagree, over what to call them.

bright yellow flowers,Golden Trumpets,trees

Not especially qualified to argue with science-types, here's what I did.

trees, flowers,Golden Trumoets

Running around with a camera, I made random images of the things.

close-up,gloden trumpet flowers

Maybe, we could call it a random act of kindness, for the scientific community.

They don't pay me for doing this stuff but, I have lots of fun.

tree,bark,golden trumpets,flowers

A closer look at the tree trunk and bark, might help clear things up.

close-up,leaves,golden trumpet tree

 The clusters of leaves may help in identification, too.

 University of Florida, calls them: Tabebuia chrysotricha

Pacific Horticulture Society, says they are:  Handroanthus chrysotrichus

Another Type of Bark Encountered 

What makes this type of work fun, is some of the crazy things that happen along the way.

This farmer's dog, didn't like the idea of me being in the area.

So, he came running after me, barking.

bark,barking dog,GIF

That's when the mad scientist, in me came out.
It took a little growling and barking, back at him, to scare him off.

fence,barking dog,motion GIF

Then, he stayed on his side of the fence and, I stayed on mine.

Hopefully, those scientists will come to an agreement, soon.

Because next, I want to shoot some Pink and Purple Trumpets.

They probably, won't agree on what to call them, either.

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