Saturday, April 26, 2014

Images: Some Old Imperial Japan Banknotes

These Photos Are Not For Printing



So, they were tweaked a little, just in case any criminals are out there.

Most people, including the missus, say the notes are worthless.

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Front view of a 1938 50 Sen Note

Identified by the views of sun shining on Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.

 Backside of 1938 50 Sen Note

Here's a 1942 50 Sen Note

The Yasukini Shrine, torii and, bird in flight are identifying marks.

Rear view of 1942 50 Sen Note



What's the Value of Two 50 Sen Notes ?



Back in those days, they added up to a grand total of One Yen.

Only a serious collector, would put any value on them today.

To find out what any coin or bank note, around the globe, is worth, go here.

You could have some old money worth millions !

Banknote World is a great resource for identification.

CoinQuest is a site, strictly for evaluating coins.

One character, spotted on Ebay, was asking $27.50 for one of these worthless bills ! 

Is that clever or, what ?

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