Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Trick I Use to Shoot the Grey Heron in the Eye

bird, Grey Heron

Whenever Possible Use a Tripod



Why does an old geezer like me carry a tripod along with the heavy camera and lenses ?

It helps steady everything when, I'm shooting in rapid fire and, I do that a lot.

The tripod, also holds my position when, I make manual adjustments.

crosshairs, bird's eye, screenshot

Here's a screenshot taken while processing a RAW file of the image above.

There aren't any cross-hairs present inside the camera viewfinder.

The image is enlarged and the cross-hairs appear when I decide to do some cropping.

They show the exact point, I was focusing on, when the shutter was opened.

The Trick: Use a tripod and, focus on the bird's eye.

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