Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kin Town Elementary School Sports Day

Just a Few Animations



It never fails, we get an Indian Summer about this time, every year.

Things cooled off during September and the days were warm but, cooler than August.

children chase an exercise ball, athletic meet, gif

 It was cloudy and comfortable this morning and, children had all kinds of fun.

This GIF just shows one of the athletic events; a relay race of sorts.

Two of my cameras were downloaded tonight and one is still in with a relative, I hope.

There are several hundred photos waiting development.

These animations just happened to be some of my color and contrast images.

There are many previous posts concerning Sports Days (Undokai) in Japan.

The last one was SEP 13, 2015 and it has links to several others. 

This afternoon, when the Eisa drums got quiet, I got back to my air-conditioned office.

Because, the athletic meet was over and, I felt like it was August, all over again !

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