Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Whirlwind Tour of Kin Temple: Photo Highlights

Kin Kannon-do AKA Kin Kannon-ji



It was my good fortune, to spend a day traveling with the Click Okinawa Guy this week.

After wandering the island with cameras and video gear, he still had a few minutes to kill.

So, we made a quick stop at the temple, on the way back to my office.

Kin Kannon-ji, shrine, temple
The light was perfect and, I couldn't resist taking a shot of the orange-tiled roof.

It was one of those times, I didn't forget to have the Garmin turned on and, ready to use.

So, everywhere, we went, the satellites tracked our positions.

stone marker, sacred tree

This photo, I retrieved from my files and, pointed out the special tree.

There are over 100 trees on Okinawa with special, protected status.

This one, near the entrance to the shrine, happens to be over 350 years old.

The fukugi or garcinia tree survived the Battle of Okinawa and, is a cultural treasure.

gold, Buddha, statue

A walk, down into the cave alongside the temple, is mandatory, for anyone along with me.

As many times as I have been in that cave, I always have to photograph this Buddha statue.

No religion is required, to appreciate a good smile.

Buddha's Big Parasol, cave

 A little bit farther, down in the cave is Buddha's Parasol.

It was hot and steamy outside and, the depths of the cavern made life much cooler.

We went as far as we were able to go and, I let Mick know, the cave is really much larger.

Years ago, you could walk into the places where local awamori (sake) is aged.

That portion of the cave has been fenced-off so, you don't get to visit it for free, anymore.

A tour of  Nisshudo Cave brings tourists through the humongous, back end of the caves.

It is an inexpensive (about 5 bucks) tour and, well worth it for the camera crowd.

Mick, the Click Okinawa Guy took plenty of video and, I'm sure many photos.

Standby and, when he gets done traveling, I'm sure he'll show you some extraordinary footage.

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