Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sesoko Beach Images Taken at 420mm -- Animated GIFs

Waiting for Birds of Prey



These are some scenes created while standing on Sesoko Island, near the bridge.

With a big lens, that won't zoom or, retract some imagination had to be used.

concrete tide breakers,ocean, waves

The Pentax K3 and 300mm lens + a 1.4 rear converter, gave a focal length of 420mm.

 It was warm but, a bit windy so some action of the waves, splashing was photographed.

girls jumping, beach

 Young girls jumping for camera selfies, entertained me, for awhile.

It's important, to know the light conditions in the sea and sky, when I'm out shooting.

If a fish hawk came along and dove out of the sky, into the water, I would have to be ready.

woman, white shirt, black cap, near sea

 This gal wasn't as active as the others but, was posed in great light.

And the wind action, made it an interesting scene.

jetski, banana boat ride, green

 Most beaches have these jetskies, pulling what's called a banana boat.

In the past, they were always colored yellow.

 Nowadays, I guess, they have to give the green bananas equal opportunity !

jetski, banana boat ride, empty

The banana boat ride, returned without the passengers.

My guess: They used it as a taxi to go to some rock outcropping and, would return later.

boat, Gusuku, Motobu Harbor

 It was unbelievably warm for the month of October so, I moved into the shade by the bridge.

Looking back towards Motobu, a boat named Gusuku, came into the harbor.

This scene shows was photographed, just before it passed under the Sesoko Island bridge.

Even though, no fish hawks made an apperance, I had my fill of fun in the sun.

And, a local fisherman, told me we wouldn't have to worry about any typhoon.

So, I was assured that more great weather would be coming for the weekend.

Now, you have an idea what some of the activities are available at this beach.

And, you can see how I keep myself occupied, while waiting for birds.

A man has to do something, to keep his eyes away from all the gals in bikinis !

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