Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Motion GIFs from A High School Sports Day

Ginoza High School Undokai

Ginoza Dome, athletic field, male students running

The weather was almost, like August all over again, in Okinawa today.

The shutter on the camera was opened 2,000 times today but, just a few photos for now.

The scene above depicts the young men going to do a karate demonstration.

The guy, I wanted to shoot was in the crowd somewhere so, I shot everybody.

high school girls, jump ropes, red uniforms

 The girl, I wanted to catch with the camera, was a bit easier.

Someone mentioned, she was in the third group of gals jumping rope.

Not sure what it's called, when they jump two ropes at a time. Multiple jump rope ?

Now That It's Over



Three cameras were downloaded and, the batteries are charging.

Just a few dozen images were processed, while I rehydrated.

Next, a few images will be shared on Facebook and, this place will be locked up.

The sun has already gone down and, it's time to see if any bars have opened !


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