Sunday, October 18, 2015

Breaking News: Australia Has the Best Beef in the World !

medium rare steak, bread, vegetables, metal platter

Delicious Australian Steak


This hunk of Australian steak was what I had for lunch Friday. 

Saliva was trying to drip down my beard, while the photography was going on. Dang !

The food started getting cold.  I took so many photos the metal platter stopped steaming.

But, when I sat down and started, sawing with a steak knife, it was still hot on the inside.

My camera shooting buddy, Doc Graff was probably half done eating his when I started.

The first thing I did was complain, about how tough Australian beef is to chew.

It was scrumptious but, sorta leathery if, you know what I mean.

The restaurant, we were at was Green Field Steak and Beef, in Itoman City. 

They get a five star review, from me because, I enjoyed the food, service and low price.

 The meal included soup, salad and a glass of iced tea and, cost under 30 bucks for both of us.

 It was alright and, I'll probably go back there to eat a few more times.

There are some more expensive cuts of meat, I could have ordered and, they have beef stew, too.

For sure, I'll never complain about Australian beef, again, as long as I live.

Australia Won a Contest for the Best Steak in the World



It's not the steak, in the photo above. They keep that stuff in the Land Down Under.

But, they took a pile of it over to the contest in London, England.

The judges were looking at things like, marbling, color, fat and taste not, steroids.

The winning steaks came from a cow they call, Aizakura Wagyu Beef.

A whole cow sells for something like $190,000.00 !

That would be $450.00 for 1kg or, 2.2lbs.

Er, something over $50.00 for a quarter pound hamburger, I'm thinking.

The tough Australian steaks are all, I will be eating, from now until Okinawa freezes over !



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