Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Day Trip with Cameras to Tsuken Jima

12 Photos as Teasers to Go



This island requires a short boat ride, to reach but, it's an enjoyable attraction.

Beach bums, snorkelers and those who like biking or hiking can have a blast there.

ferry, Carrot Island

The ferry sails from Heshikiya Port to Tsuken Jima five times daily.

ocean, looking towards Okinawa, ferry boat

It's less than half an hour ride and, I like to hangout on the decks enjoying the fresh air.

Some folks prefer sitting in the air-conditioned compartments, looking at walls.

Tsuken Port, small lighthouse or bouy, seawall

 And, some of them fall asleep if, you can imagine that.

Not me, I'm usually the first one to jump ship, as soon as the dang thing quits rocking !

 Next thing, I do is ask for a tourist map, when I get inside the terminal.

shisa, liondogs, statues
It's always fun, to discover what attractions they are promoting for travelers to see.

I would have never thought of photographing these shisa if I hadn't seen the map.

There must be dozens of them, around home, I see every day.

signs,directions, carrot tower, beach

The map was in Japanese but, I followed it up past the shisa and, found these signs.

The Carrot Lookout point was where I wanted to go first.

Carrot Tower,children, bikes

 It's been awhile since I visited this tower and, I wanted to see if Kin Town was visible from here.

There were a bunch of children, on bicycles, doing some sort of field trip.

Some of the teachers knew me so, they must have come from somewhere in Okinawa.

field trip, children, bicycles, teachers

They were a friendly bunch of kids but, I was glad to see them depart the area.

It's hard to concentrate on the camera when everybody thinks you're Santa Claus.

Next time, I'll tell them I'm the Easter Bunny.

ocean view, Okinawa island, Kin Power Plant

From the top floor of the Carrot Tower, I took this photo.

The island of Okinawa is out there on the horizon and, the Kin Power Plant is visible.

Tomai-hama Beach, beachgoers, water sports

Leaving the tower, it was just a short walk to Tomai-hama Beach.

Jet skiers, snorkelers and swimmers seemed to be enjoying the warm weather.

blue sky, traditional tiled roof, shisa, flowers

On the way to the next location, I had to stop and shoot this image.

The orange-tiled roof, shisa, blue cloudless skies and flowers, made me do it.

manhole cover, decorated with carrot characters

And, who could pass by a carrot manhole cover, without shooting it ?  Not me.

Peku Gama, cave, incense burner, sacred, ペークー ガマ

This is not so much, a tourist attraction, as it is a sacred site.

The incense burner, on the left side of the photo is a clue that somebody worships there.

Would you go inside that cave ?

Some folks think it's alright to stash geocaches in a place like this.

That seems a bit sacrilegious, to me but, I'm no expert geocasher;  just a photographer.

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