Friday, October 9, 2015

Butterfly -- The Nagasaki-ageha AKA Great Mormon

Great Mormon Butterfly

Jewel From the Sky Spotted in Izumi Okinawa



Today we were up north in Motobu checking on the mikan (tangerines) progress.

October happens to be the month mikan gari (tangerine picking) takes place.

Farmers, let you pick your own and, you can save some coins by doing that.

We weren't picking fruit, just checking and, found out, the places are open for business. 

So, Doc and I will let the wives know, the mikans are ripe and ready.

A few bags of the green tangerines were purchased from the nice gals who chatted with us.

It Was Camera Shooting Time


 We went around and shot some photos of the orchards and surrounding area.

And, any unusual flowers we came across got a few snaps of the camera shutters, too.

Along came this brilliantly colored specimen of a butterfly.

So, we went after it and, it didn't exactly want to pose. It's a fast mover.

Most of the time, I keep my ISO's on the camera as low as possible 100-400, no higher.

Capturing these images, ISO 800 was required, to get sufficient shutter speed.

butterfly, gif, red flowers

 These might be common butterflies, to some folks but, I've never seen one colored like this.

After looking at thumbnails on a few Asian butterfly sites, I was about to give up.

Then, I looked at a Yanbaru Field Guide and found the critter.

ISBN978-4-408-32351-0 P.132

The book is Japanese but, it gave me enough information to take my search to a conclusion.

The Latin name for this butterfly is Papilio memnon.


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