Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Before and After Photos of an Onstage Dancer

Kajimaya Celebration



When someone in Okinawa reaches the age of 97 a big party takes place.

Kajimaya ( カジマヤー) is the word for pinwheel.

Pinwheels and, other gifts are given to the elders on this memorable occasion.

At 97, you can start acting like a kid again; you're on the way to becoming 100 !

before image, Yotsu Dake, dancer, kimono

 In the morning, some events were held and, two senior women were honored.

There were speeches, presentations and a parade around town in a decorated vehicle.

Flowers and brightly colored pinwheels, decorated the automobile and village streets.

Then everyone went home to feast and rest up for the evening activities.

A wedding hall, inside Moon Beach Resort, is where this photo was taken.

It was fairly crowded with friends and family of those being honored.

Using an external strobe, mounted on the camera, I wasn't impressed with the results.

after photo, shadows removed, white background, dancer, kimono

Using Adobe Elements the 6 million pixel image was cleaned up a bit.

Harsh shadows were lightened or, removed, to make the girl stand out as the subject.

And, some of the white background got moved around to clean up the wall behind her.

before posting the photo online, resolution gets lowered and it is shrunken.

That's to keep the enemy from borrowing and printing my images, for free.

Internet image thieves get a surprise from me, whenever they decide to swipe a photo.

Something as simple as Adobe elements, installs an invisible watermark, for me.

And, my tracking service, catches them when they post any of my photos online.

A nice legal-like notification, asks them if, they'd like to go to court.

Too busy, to catch that girl and ask her name yesterday, I'll see if, I can find her.

She has a humongous, high quality print, coming if, she feels like signing a model release !

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