Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hermit Crab from Sesoko Island

Land Hermit Crab, beach

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It took awhile to get an identification on this Critter because, I didn't take enough shots.

It's best, to get some sharp close-ups but, I was far away, standing on a boat ramp.

For now, we'll call it a Land Hermit Crab (Coenobita cavipes)  until someone complains.

Called Okayadokari (オカヤドカリ) in Japan, they don't always live in seashells.

A friend, Shawn Miller, helped with the identification of this crab. 

And, he finds all kinds of poor crabs, using trash, they find on the beach for homes.

 With the Japanese name, I located enough photos, to help make a decision.

Placing オカヤドカリ in Google Japan, I found enough images to close this case.

Shawn Miller's page dedicated to Crabs with Beach Trash Homes, you should visit.

Another cool link, I discovered:

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