Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OCT 27 2015 Full Moon 5 Images

full moon, left side of frame

The people who push clouds were kind to those in Okinawa tonight.

OCT Full Moon, Okinawa

These photos were taken in Kin Town, shortly after 6PM.

moon centered in frame

 Walking towards the tower, I like to shoot from, I saw the moon, already in the sky.

moon, left side of frame

 There wasn't any sense in climbing up that structure when, I could shoot from the ground.

full moon, centered

 These photos were all taken at a focal length of 700mm, from the same position on the ground.

The different sizes shown, are the result of cropping the photos to various sizes.

In the event of rain or, clouds tomorrow, I may just stay at home.

That's because, I don't think the full moon, is going to get any fuller than this, for me.

Some astronomy dudes, may want to argue the finer points of full moons.

Well, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, I'm waiting !

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