Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Sad Travel Tale: The Mermaids of Nakagusuku

Facebook Made Me Do It



A conversation in a group on the Zukenbergernator channel started it all.

Somebody posted a statue of a mermaid lying on a beach.

Then, a whole bunch of people started commenting and , gave me directions.

mermaid, East Kuba, Okinawa, beach

Map It Okinawa Dude and I went and found the poor gal and, I took this shot.

mermaid after photo editing

When, I fooled around in Adobe cleaning her up, the boobs came off but, she looks cleaner, now.

standing mermaid, shade

When I went looking for some shade, to escape the blazing hot sun, I found this one.

Some artists did a little bit of painting on her but, she looked salvageable.

mermaid, image edited

A little touch up work was done on this photo to clean it up, as well.

But, I didn't mess with her breasts, too much because, I thought they looked OK !

store, Nakagusuku

Just in case somebody wants to visit the mermaids, they are behind this store on HWY 329.

Not very proficient at giving directions, I Geo-tagged these photos.

So, people can figure out how to find the place by Googling Earth ! 

Does anyone wonder, why people would disfigure mermaids ?

End of Sad Travel Tale
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