Thursday, October 15, 2015

Images of Sesoko Island Bridge (瀬底大橋) in October

blue sky, view, top of bridge

Beautiful Afternoon on Sesoko-jima

Out with a big lens, looking for some birds, I got bored and decided to shoot the bridge.

THe Pentax K3 was equipped with a 300mm prime lens and a 1.4 converter.

blue cloudless sky, metal, bridge

There were no clouds in the sky at the moment so, I tried some different angles.

When you're driving or, walking across the bridge you don't notice things like this.

steel and sky, bridge

As mant times as, I've gone to this island, I never thought about taking photos like this.

There were plenty of pretty girls, wearing bikinis but, I wouldn't shoot them.

Today, I was supposed to shoot some Fish Hawks, catching fish.

Sesoko Bridge, wide angle, 瀬底大橋‏

The birds, I wanted to shoot, never showed up so, I changed lenses.

This is a wide angle view from Sesoko Island, looking back towards Okinawa.

More photos were taken of the activities on the beach.

It will be awhile longer before I get those images processed because, things are busy around here !

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