Sunday, October 25, 2015

Citrus Fruit Known as Kumquat

kumquat, leaves, flowers

Known as Kinkan (きんかん) Locally


This shrub was located behind my office and, I had to do some research to find a name.

Scientists would call it Fortunella japonica.

The little round fruits are edible, skin and all. Sometimes they are used in cooked preserves.

Fortunella japonica, fruit, leaves

Originally from China, these fruits are grown worldwide.

Loaded with vitamins A and C, a cup of them sells for about 3 bucks in Japan.

kukquat plant, fruits
The plants can become a few meters tall; this one isn't two feet tall, yet.

This photo was taken from a low position with a wide angle lens and close-up to the plant.

The shrub happens to be growing out of a rainwater drainage ditch.

Once, I figure out, who owns that little patch of ground, I'll see if I can transplant the thing.

A little experiment was conducted by me, after I learned the fruits weren't poisonous.

A few of the little orange fruits, were swiped, washed and eaten, to see what they taste like.

They were delicious, now, I want my own kumquat tree !

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